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Mothra Series


==> A Kaiju Kill (KK) is when the monster's opponent is beaten into immobility, apparently dead (or disassembled, for mechanical monsters). This is worth 5 points.

==> A Kaiju Knockout (KO) is when the monster reduces its opponent to a state where it can no longer fight, but is not dead (being frozen, buried temporarily under rock, etc.). This is worth only 3 points, since there will undoubtedly be another rematch.

==> A Kaiju Retreat (KR) is when the monster's opponent flees unconditionally, ie, under its own power and by its own volition. This is also worth 3 points.

==> A Kaiju Countout (KC) is when the monster's opponent disappears (usually because both monsters fell into the sea, and only one surfaces). This is worth 1 point only, since it is the cheapest win possible, and an unverified one at that.

==> A Tie is any result where both monsters have a loss condition valid against them; Ties are valid ONLY in kaiju a kaiju bouts (one-on-one), and results in NO points for either side.

The Matches:

Fairy Mothra vs. Garu Garu: Tie
Mothra vs. Death Ghidorah: Death Ghidorah (KK)
Larva vs. Death Ghidorah: Death Ghidorah (KR)
Mothra Leo vs. Death Ghidorah: Mothra Leo (KK)

Mothra vs. Dagahra: Dagahra (KO)
Rainbow/Aqua Mothra vs. Dagahra: Mothra (Aqua-form) (KK)

Mothra vs. Grand King Ghidorah: Grand King Ghidorah (KR)
Mothra vs. Cretaceous Ghidorah: Cretaceous Ghidorah (KO)
Rematch: Mothra (KK)
Armor Mothra vs. Grand King Ghidorah: Armor Mothra (KK)

The Totals:

The Monsters


Kaiju Points

Mothra (All Forms) 4-5-0 20
Death Ghidorah 2-1-0 8
Dagahra 1-1-0 3
Grand King Ghidorah 1-1-0 3
Cretaceous Ghidorah 1-1-0 3
Fairy Mothra 0-0-1 0
Garu Garu 0-0-1 0
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Rebirth of Mothra 2 final battle correction by Nipapan Kitpanichvises.

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