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War of the Monsters

I was very happy with War of the Monsters. I am very big on the giant Japanese monster movies and was excited when i heard this game was coming out.

I liked how they modeled some of the monsters after some known giant monsters (King Kong & Godzilla to name a couple). The multiple costumes for each monster were pretty cool additions and was great that there wasn't just a slight color change or something that some games will use.

The graphics were great and most of the city was interactive and could be damaged or destroyed. The arenas/cities looked awesome. I really liked the nuclear reactor arena and the volcano island arena (forgive but i forget their exact names). One of my favorite past times was levelling the city rather then fighting my friend.

Gameplay for War of the Monsters wasn't too hard. I really like it when someone can just pick up a control and pick up the basics right away.

The replay value on this game is decent, but better if playing with friends then just single player.

When at the time there was no Godzilla fighting game for PS2, War of the Monsters did a great job to fill in the gap on PS2 till one was released.


System: PS2

Publisher: SCEA

Developer: Incognito

Release Date: January 14, 2003