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Negadon The Monster From Mars

Negadon The Monster From Mars is a wonderfully made short film that does real well in capturing the world of Japanese giant monster movies. The movie done entirely in CGI and looked amazing. The story was as good as almost any Toho monster movie.

The CGI in Negadon was very good. A lot of it was very realistic looking like the people and a lot of the terrain and buildings. The monster Negadon looked pretty cool and reminds of something you'd find in a Final Fantasy game or something. The robot Mi-6 was cool as well. The design on it as a lot better then I had imagined when it is first shown in the flashback sequence. Overall the the filmmakers did excellent work with the CGI.

The story wasn't anything real new to the Japanese giant monster movie genre. Big monster from space comes to Earth and starts to trash the place. The story behind the robot wasn't new either, but it worked enough for the movie. The whole terraforming Mars was a pretty good idea to lead to how the monster came to Earth. In the end the story will be very familiar with Japanese giant monster movie fans.

Negadon The Monster From Mars is a great movie for any avid Japanese giant monster film. Otherwise it's worth checking out just for the animation used in the movie. Negaon The Monster From Mars is a good movie and if you get the chance...see it.  


Directed By

Jun Awazu