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King Kong Escapes

The movie starts with some characters having a discussion about King Kong, which
introduces one of the main monsters of the movie. Usually I'd rather see them introduce
the monster by having them appear then just talking about them. They introduce Mechani-
Kong in a similar way, instead of having something like in Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla
where MechaGodzilla attack pretending to be Godzilla.

The plot is not that good. They don't use aliens or anything (which is a plus), but a
somewhat mad scientist trying to get an element that can be used to take over the world.
I really wish a better plot had been used for this movie, it probably would have made
this movie more enjoyable.

On to the monsters. Mechani-Kong was good. It was an almost perfect robot resemblance of
King Kong. Unlike MechaGodzilla this mechanical monster didn't have the huge arsenal of
weapons, which creates more physical type fights.

King Kong took on a more cartoony look to him (mainly in the face though). I didn't like
the look from King Kong vs. Godzilla, but I'd prefer that version to this version of
King Kong any day. This King Kong goes with all the rest in ability and strength.

Gorosaurus appears briefly to battle King Kong. Gorosaurus is basically a giant T-Rex
with a kangaroo kick attack.

The first battle of the movie is between King Kong and Gorosaurus. This battle copies
off the battle with the T-Rex in the original King Kong movie. It also has Kong take a
women and protect it from Gorosaurus. Though the battle was short, it was done
relatively well. This battle scene is followed by an even briefer struggle between Kong
and a sea serpent. his battle really wasn't necessary for the movie.

The capturing of King Kong by the mad scientist was less eventful as I had hoped. I
wanted to see Mechani-Kong brought into the scene, but was somewhat let down when they
just bombed Kong from above.

King Kong's "rampage" through the city was a poor one. Pretty much nothing was damaged
and the JSDF didn't do much of anything but mobilize and shine lights on Kong. Many
people watch these movies to see the monsters rampage and battle.

The final battle take place in Tokyo between King Kong and Mechani-Kong. This battle was
mostly physical, which is nice. The lack of powers between the two made the battle a
little boring though. Thee worst point was when Mechani-Kong took the women and
threatened to drop her. The battle comes to a halt at this point drawing out the battle
and making it even more boring then it already had become.

The lack of good battles affected my perception of this movie. The movie wasn't all that
bad, but I have seen a lot better for the Showa era of movies.



Directed By

Ishiro Honda