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King Kong

If I were asked which movie was the best and greatest movie of 2005 I would most definitely reply King Kong. Peter Jackson has blown away every King Kong movie made after the original (including any of the King Kong rip-offs i.e. Mighty Joe Young). The effects in this remake were just plain amazing. The acting was emmy worthy from Jack Black to King Kong. King Kong is an amazing movie and even though it is three hours long I could have watched even more.

The effects in King Kong were unbelievable. The CGI work for King Kong itself was incredible. The emotions shown on King Kong’s face were spot on and extremely lifelike. The whole body of King Kong was perfect from fur to scars. The other creatures were very cool and just as well created as King Kong. The “spider pit” scene couldn’t have looked better with the visual effects that were used. The visuals of Skull Island were beautiful and the look of the native’s village/wall was excellent. Overall, King Kong is a virtual masterpiece in visual effects.

The acting was superb in King Kong. The biggest surprise in my opinion in the acting in King Kong was that of Jack Black. I was very disappointed when I first heard Jack Black was playing a major role. I was completely wrong in my assumption he would ruin the movie. Jack Black was just amazing in his role. Along with Jack Black’s super job are the excellent acting of Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody. All the actors and actresses made King Kong as great of a movie as it was.

The remake of King Kong by Peter Jackson is definitely the best movie of 2005. King Kong is also one of the best movies to be released in a long while. Anyone thinking of seeing King Kong should. Ignore the fact that King Kong is three hours long. King Kong is a masterpiece.  


Directed By

Peter Jackson