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Godzilla Final Wars

Godzilla Final Wars is quite possibly the last Japanese Godzilla movie in a while and it went off with a bang. There was a lot of monsters that appeared in this movie, which many were to the delight of many Godzilla fans (Angilas, Hedorah, etc). I really liked Godzilla Final Wars.

Pretty much most of the monsters were updated for this movie (Gigan, Angilas, Godzilla) and all looked pretty awesome. The monster battles for the most part looked pretty cool, though a lot of them were real short. All the effects were very well done for a Godzilla movie, especially with the use of CGI for "Zilla" (American Godzilla).

The story was pretty good. Final Wars was like a better remake to Destroy All Monsters (earlier Godzilla film) in that aliens try to take over the world and take control of the monsters in order to carry out their plans. The older story was modified and more was added to it which made it all together even better.

Overall most Godzilla fans should be pleased with Godzilla Final Wars. Final Wars is worth a watching by any and all Godzilla fans.  


Directed By

Ryuhei Kitamura