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Godzilla Against MechaGodzilla

The opening sequence was down right awesome. Right away Godzilla is out and about
stomping through town. Right off the bat I have found things I liked about this movie.
One thing that I liked was the fact that Godzilla spits his blue radioactive breathe
instead of the fire-like breath scene in Godzilla 2000 or Godzilla X Megaguirus.
Godzilla's look also resembles that of the Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla X Megaguirus
movies, which is a plus in my book. I found it nice that they mention other monsters
either then Godzilla like Mothra and Gaira (Green Gargantuan) in as previous monster
attacks against Tokyo.

The movie shows some of he science behind the creation of MechaGodzilla instead of say
skipping till the end when it is finished or something that some movies do. Other times
like Godzilla Vs MechaGodzilla 2 the movie starts with MechaGodzilla already built. This
whole thing is another plus for this movie.

The storyline is a little better developed then some of the other Godzilla movies. Some
of the characters get a little more development at the beginning. Though it is hard to
do in relatively short amount of time this movie still gives a nice storyline to go
along with the monster aspect.

Now onto the monsters. Kiryu, or MechaGodzilla, is the best version of MechaGodzilla to
date. It is equipped with many weapons, which include the Absolute Zero Cannon that
freezes things instantly. This is a nice touch to the massive MechaGodzilla arsenal. It
still has some of the same lasers and missiles as previous versions. In all this
MechaGodzilla is my favorite monster (aside from Godzilla) in the whole Millenium series.

As mentioned above Godzilla was given his blue radioactive breathe back (he did have it
in GMK, but still). This time the breath was a combination of the blue and the fire-like
one. Out of all the looks for Godzilla this is one of my favorites. This movie also has
Godzilla get powered by electricity as it did in the Showa series.

Favorite part of this movie has to be when Kiryu goes crazy and starts rampaging through
the city. The whole triggering of memories because of Godzilla's roar was nice. This is
just another good area of the movie. I mean it has the man against machine element
brought in here while still having the man against monster element. Which in both cases
for this movie it is man against their creations (Nuclear weapons made by man created
Godzilla). This continues the great storyline of this movie and makes it a little more

The battle between Godzilla and Kiryu was nice. They actually had some physical fighting
instead of just having Kiryu blast away at Godzilla the entire time. Both Godzilla and
Kiryu got knocked around quite a bit. I mean the movie still has the lasers, missiles,
and radioactive heat beams as all the previous movies, which is still good in itself.
This epic battle is a great one!!

All in all it is an excellent Godzilla movie and should be enjoyed by any Godzilla Fan
out there.


Directed By

Masaaki Tezuka