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As a Godzilla fan I was very excited at the idea of an American Godzilla movie. Though very different from the original Japanese movies, Godzilla was a pretty good monster movie (but still no where near as good as the original). Special effects were in abundance along with some decent acting helped make Godzilla a very well done monster movie.

After the release of Godzilla many fans of the original hated it. In my opinion it was a good movie, but I think those original Godzilla fans tried viewing it as if it were supposed to be the original Godzilla. The American Godzilla movie created its own version instead of just copying the original. Instead of doing an outright remake they tried to create something new and hat seemed to workout well.

Instead of taking the rubber suit route for making Godzilla the filmmakers chose to rely on CGI and animatronics for Godzilla. The effects were very heavy on Godzilla and the battle scenes. The more nostalgic Godzilla fan may prefer the older style effects, but for this movie the CGI worked out and gave a more lifelike creature.

Acting was decent enough that it didn't detract from the movie. Mathew Broderick was an excellent choice for Nick Tatopoulos, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to play the character Otherwise everyone else was ok for their parts maybe a couple could have been changed though.

Godzilla is a great monster movie. As I say it may not be considered a good Godzilla movie (in the sense of the Japanese Godzilla) it is still a great movie. Monster movie fans should check Godzilla out.  


Directed By

Roland Emmerich