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Gojira is in my book a classic movie. The effects were amazing for their time and the story was politically motivated and gave off a big anti-atomic weapons message. The movie overall is just amazing.

The effects were superb for a movie made in 1954. The Gojira costume looked amazing and the way the effects people were able to meld a guy in a suit into the movie was more realistic then some of the CGI creatures found in movies today. Though every once in a while the effects were a bit campy, overall the effects were very well done for something made so long ago.

The storyline is was makes Gojira as good a movie as it was. The story is politically motivated against the use of atomic weapons. The use of Gojira as a symbol for the evil of atomic weapons was very cool and very interesting way to go about it (for the time the movie was made). The introduction of Gojira was cool right up to the first glimpse of the monsters head over the hill. The destruction depicted in the movie from Gojira could easily be that of an atomic weapon. Overall the anti atomic weapon message is very apparent. The storyline between the characters was also pretty interesting. The way the filmmakers combined the human side and the monster side of the story was done superbly and contianed a lot of well thought out content that lead to a grand climax in the end.

Gojira (aka Godzilla) is an amazing movie. It was revolutionary in its time and a definite classic today. I recommend it for anyone looking for a good older film to watch.  


Directed By

Ishiro Honda