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Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah

Giant Monsters All-Out Attack


The movie was a lot better then I originally thought it would be. The new designs for
the monsters was nice. The new Godzilla was more like the Heisei version, Baragon had
a much needed update (though they took away his fire breathing ability), and for Mothra
it was just a better Mothra.

The fights between monsters were more then just shooting lasers, fire, or whatever
the monsters special attack may be. The best fight was between Godzilla and Baragon.
Both monsters fought with physical attacks like kicking and tail whipping. The addition
of more physical attacking made the battles a lot more interesting.

The storyline was an interesting change to the original Godzilla storyline. This
storyline creates new backgrounds for all the monsters. The whole "guardian god" idea
was nice, yet a little similar to Kaneko's new storyline for the Heisei Gamera movies.
Giving Godzilla a reason for his attacking aside from it being random attacks or in
search of radiation or something. He is "filled" with the innocent souls of those who
died in World War II. This movie also had its ghost-story type affect with the old man
who warns of Godzilla's return and the whole God monster deal.

The only problem I had with the movie was how Godzilla was defeated. I mean having him
defeated by a submarine that he swallowed? Come on! If Godzilla were to die I would
never want it to be by something like a submarine.

In all, this is an excellent and a different type of Godzilla movie. It should be
enjoyed by all Godzilla fans.



Directed By

Shushuke Kaneko