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The following is a list of guest appearances and related appearances of kaiju in TV shows, movies, or whatever else a kaiju may make a kameo.
(Yes i know it is spelled cameo)

Media Type/TitleKameoing KaijuDescription of Kameo Contributor
Movie/ArmeggedonGodzillaAt the beginning a dog attacks a bunch of Godzilla toys that a guy is selling on the street. The dog's owner argues with the merchant, the merchant says "it's attacking my Godzilla's".KingGhidorah2001
Comic/Sally ForthDestroy All MonstersIn a Sunday edition of the comic, Sally Forth and her husband discuss "Destroy All Monsters". Entire ComicKingGhidorah2001
Dragonball MangaGameraGamera makes a short appearance in the childrens manga, Dragon ball. The art is cute and Gamera is refered too as baby Gamera, seeing in how small he is. Kudos to Akira Toriyami for including one of the classics in his manga.Agu
Movie/Mars AttacksGodzillaThough, I wouldnt call it a cameo, they show a rather decent chunk of a Godzilla vs Biollante scene in the movie Mars Attacks. During the scene that Godzilla makes an 'appearance' the martions are watching 'tv'. Its a very brief scene that only lasts about fifteen to twenty seconds.Agu
Movie/Peewee's Big AdventureGodzilla, King GhidorahDuring one scene in this childrens movie, Peewee is trying to escape from secruity gaurds at a hollywood filming studio. He rides his bike through severy different studios and one just happens to be the filming of a Godzilla movie. Peewee runs over a few tanks then leaves the studio. While a security guard on a golf cart rides through hauling santa's sleigh from the previous studio, some how Godzilla is taken aboard it. King Ghidorah's prop falls and thats all I can really remember as of now. Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3Agu
Movie/Austin Powers in GoldmemberGodzilla (Sort of)There is a scene in the movie where a car hits a giant green lizard statue and drives around. Some Japanese looking people run by saying it's a Godzilla look alike, but because of copyright laws it wasn't. They decided to run and yell as if it were Godzilla.KingGhidorah2001
Movie/Jurassic Park The Lost WorldNo specific kaijuDuring the movie when the T-Rex rampages through the city a group of Japanese men run away screaming like in a Japanese kaiju movie.KingGhidorah2001
TV/Courage The Cowardly DogKing GhidorahKing Ghidora makes an apperance in 2 episodes in Courage The Cowardly Dog. In one, he was behind a door Courage opened in the haunted house, in another, KG posed as a dragon on the television an evil duck turns on and breathed fire instead of lightining.Chrisdinozilla
TV/KablamGodzillaKablam is a show that used to come on Nickalodeon, the general theme of it was a veriety show hosted by cartoon characters, Henry and June I believe. Though my memory is sketchy, the opening sequence shows several different classic movie scenes and one just happens to be of Godzilla destroying a city. The art doesnt give Godzilla much credit however, oh well still neat if your a Kaiju fan I guess...Agu
TV/MedabotsManda, AtragonMedabots is a childrens anime that came on fox, now its shown on ABC Family channel. During one episode, a local group of boys where scaring off tourist from their beach by having their Medabot dress up as a monster. Erika, the main characters best friend who works for the school news paper begins interveiwing people about the monster. One person says its a sea serpent and when Erika is remembering that, a cloud appears above her head that has, in very well detailed, picture of Manda in battle with Atragon in it. The image is really well done, and it gives Manda and Atragon great justice. Considering how detail lacked the anime Medabots is, I was surprised. I really got a kick outta seeing them give kudos to a classic.Agu
Movie/Friday The 13th Part 3No specific kaijuDuring the movie right before a girl is killed she is reading Fangoria magazine and turns to a page about "Twenty-Five Years with Godzilla". Screenshot1 Screenshot2KingGhidorah2001
TV/RoseanneGodzilla (Sort of)During the show there were Godzilla figures in different rooms of family's house. One in family room and one in a bedroom, don't remember if there were others.KingGhidorah2001
TV/Tokyo PigGodzilla, King GhidorahTokyo pig is an extremely strange anime, about a boy who has a magic pig. The pig can transform into things by using the boys imagination. One episode, the pig turns into Godzilla and King Ghidorah (heisei) and the only difference between this cartoon rendition and the actual Kaiju is that King Ghidorah and Godzilla's head is replaced with the pigs. Over all amusing to look at. If you can sit through the show then look up this episode. Its amusing to say the least but over all its a little strange for me. The show is also notorious for making Sentai cameos, such as Kaimen Rider.Agu
TV/Zone Fighter SeriesGodzilla, Gigan, King GhidorahMore like a guest appearance. Godzilla Gigan and King Ghidorah all showed up on the old Sentai, Zone Fighter. Though I dont know much about it, I do know that Godzilla and Zone Fighter are allies, while Gigan and King Ghidorah are allied with the 'Goragas' aliens who appearantly have something against Earth and ZoneFighter. Who knows, its a Sentai series.Agu
TV/A Pup Named Scooby DooGodzilla (Kind of), King KongAn episode where Scooby and the gang get chased by this weed thingy had a short apperance by Godzilla and king Kong in a movie at the movie theatre scene, however Godzilla in the scene resemble a T-rex or Gorosaurus, it was probably one of those two instead.Agu
TV/Pinky and the BrainGodzillaPinky and the Brain was a show about two mice trying to take over the world. In one of the episodes they go to Japan and take the form of a monster very much like Godzilla. They gave it a different name, i forget what it was exactly, and they end up fighting. (The mice have an enlarging ray that make them giant).KingGhidorah2001
TV/The SimpsonsGodzilla, Gamera, Rodan, MothraIn the episode "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" the Simpsons visit Japan. At the end of the episode thier plane encounters Godzilla and the final scene has Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan, and Mothra starring at the plane as it flies away. Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3KingGhidorah2001
TV/The SimpsonsGodzillaIn one episode, the Simpsons go to the Springfield Bi-monthly SciFi Convention. At one of the autograph booths is Godzilla sitting and giving out autographs.KingGhidorah2001
TV/Pink Panther (Cartoon)King KongDuring the 90s a Pink Panther cartoon was created in which PP talked. The cartoon was pretty good and it had some interesting parodies, including the infamous "Queen Kong". Which was just, King Kong in drag.Agu
TV/Daffy Duck CartoonGodzillaI saw this cartoon as a child, I remember vividly a monster resembling Godzilla right down to the spines but not being refered too as Godzilla. Pretty blurry afterthat.Agu
Movie/One Crazy SummerGodzillaDuring the movie a character puts on a Godzilla costume and gets stuck in it. Another character throws a cigar in the mouth of the costume making the guy in the costume run around and smash a model city. Screenshot1KingGhidorah2001
TV/South ParkMechaGodzilla, Gamera, Mothra, Ultraman?There was an epsiode of South Park where Barbara Streisand turns into "MechaStreisand", which looks like MechaGodzilla, and attacks South Park. Three famous people turn into three monsters. One into Mothra, one into Gamera, and another in I believe Ultraman (not sure, haven't seen the episode in a while. MechaStreisand Gamera GuyKingGhidorah2001
TV/FuturamaGodzillaDuring an episode Fry creates an holo-opera by playing his Holophoner. During the opera there is a scene where Leela saves Fry from Godzilla. Screenshot1 Screenshot2KingGhidorah2001
TV/Drawn TogetherGodzillaIn an episode of Comedy Central's reality cartoon series "Drawn Together" the character Ling Ling is at an awards ceremony and Godzilla heckles him.KingGhidorah2001
Comic/Mother Goose and GrimmGodzillaThe comic had a parody of "Bambi Meets Godzilla" entitled "Herbie Meets Godzilla". Entire ComicKingGhidorah2001
Comic/Mother Goose and GrimmGodzilla/King KongThe comic had Godzilla saying something kinda funny to King Kong. Entire ComicKingGhidorah2001
Comic/Mother Goose and GrimmGodzillaThe comic had two Godzillas talking about not eating in LA. Entire ComicKingGhidorah2001
Comic/BizarroGodzillaShowed an Indian translating a smoke signal about Godzilla and you can see in the distance there is a Godzilla standing next to the village. Entire ComicGodzilla85

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