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KingGhidorah2001: Webmaster, Site Construction, Maintainance, Updating

Ramallido: Video Game Images: Godzilla Domination, Godzilla for Game Boy, Godzilla for Game Gear, Some Japanese Kaiju names

Agu_dude: GMK Midis

UNGCC_SJCAunit: Some Gamera Quiz Questions

Kabal's Godzilla Page: The Win/Loss statistics stuff up till Godzilla Vs. Destroyah

Agu's Kaiju Club: for the Kaiju Kameo section idea.

JavaScript Source: for the javascripts that are used on this site.

Internet Movie Database: Movie info Merchandise info (CD tracks, book info, etc.)

Toho Kingdom: Some pics that I couldn't find anywhere else/make on my own (ie. Prehistoric Mothra, Garu Garu 3, Legion Soldier, American Godzilla babies) and some miscellaneous information

Monster Zero News: News, miscellaneous info source

Henshin!Online: News, miscellaneous info source

All the sites I got information from (Most of which are linked to on the links page)

Last but not least...
Godzilla and related characters/items are registered trademarks of Toho Co. Ltd. 1943-2004 Toho Co. Ltd.

Gamera and related characters/items are registered trademarks of Daiei Motion Picture Company.